After graduating from Artistic Studies at ESA St-Luc, in the comics and graphic novels field, I turned to the world of alternative therapies due to major health problems.

At 23, I discovered a new world, a world beyond the visible, as a language between the body, the soul, and us. It allowed me to transform my problems into an initiatory life experience.

Driven by the desire to understand and offer to others this discovery, I started to train for two intensive years at IBK, the Belgian Institute of Applied Kinesiology in Rixensart. I studied a wide range of different branches (my favorite being Sips) and I am a certified kinesiology practitioner.

Concurrently, I followed a training of Transactional Analysis for 3 years, still at IBK. This allowed me to better understand how our psychology is formed since childhood, as well as all the dynamics of our relationships.


Following this, I trained for 3 years in Family and Systemic Constellations with Jacqueline Goossens. I am a certified constellator, approved by Cofasy, the belgian association of constellators.

During the constellations, I listen to the wisdom of the body that guides me, and I learn to unravel all the relational dynamics, our family relationships, ancestral, but also the relationship between the different parts of ourselves.

In the meantime, for 5 years and a half, I have been training with Jan Janssen in his course « Subtle Energies » at Tetra (following the model of Barbara Ann Brennan – School Of Healing). Having completed the 4 years course, I am now certified and accredited. I still continue training by passion, currently for a 6th year.

I developed the technique of energy healing that allows me a subtlety, presence, awareness, softness and unparalleled accuracy. It is for me a deeper evolution from what I learned in kinesiology, and my practice has completely shifted in this direction.

Currently, I am learning and perfecting my work to bring it into the water, in 35°C /95°F warm water pool. Training in the Aquatic Constellations with Jacqueline Goossens and the Aquatic Healing with Jan Janssen.

I also offer family & systemic constellations with horses. Living in herd, they have an amazing group wisdom. Horses show us the right path to follow with impressive clarity, love and power.

Personally, I am passionate about 5 Rhythms Dance, meditation, music (handpan, didgeridoo, guitar), painting, and everything related to creativity, body, nature, human relationships and spirituality. It also indirectly nourishes my practice as a therapist.

I also work as an artist and painter, it is for me another way to spread healing to the world.

see : https://conversationaveclesetoiles.com

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