Systemic & Family Constellations

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The constellations method is a great and intense opportunity to listen and be guided by the inherent wisdom of our body and our systems.
The advantage of group constellations lies in the fact that our internal or relational dynamics, often abstract, are concretely represented before us thanks to the people chosen as representatives.

This tool allows us in the present to become aware, to unravel and to repair what has been wrongly constructed / understood in the past, in all our relational dynamics, our family relations,
ancestral heritage, but also the relation between the different parts of ourselves. …
And using and integrating the work through the body.Any problematic can be represented, a relational one as much as a pain in the body, a dream, a blockage in life, an emotion…

Representatives: as in a role play, some people are chosen to represent the system of the person who « constellates ». This representation is a gift of reciprocity: often, what is experienced « in the place » of the other allows us to revisit our own sensibilities. Representing is already an innerwork.

Participants who are not chosen have a role even if it is more discreet: they work as space holder.

Laurie Lardinois is a certified constellator, trained by Jacqueline Goossens

« When I guide group constellations, I feel a tremendous joy and passion, it’s a bit like « I can finally restore harmony as I had always felt inside ». This time we can change the end of story to a happy end. We can stop the suffering and the dramas, we can recognise what happened, give compassion and let go. We can recreate harmony, joy and love around us and for ourselves. » Laurie