My way of work

What I propose:

  • As an energy therapist, I maintain a healthy lifestyle consistent with my professional practice.   I meditate and practice mindfulness every day, try to maintain my energy alignment as best as possible, continue to work on my own process, evolve, develop my consciousness, continue to learn, train and to be supervised, even after 7 years of training.
  • For me, it is a life practice, because it is from my own body, energy field, person, being and consciousness that I work. It requires a lot of personal involvement and a real passion for this work, fortunately for me it is a source of great joy.
  • Before welcoming a person, I take the time to be centered, and to enter a state of presence and receptivity, in connection with the space of silence inside me.
  • We first have a verbal interview where the person explains to me his intention or request. I accompany the person with my quality of presence and my energy sensitivity at this time. It can last as short or as long as needed. If the words allow growth, we can continue in a verbal and energetic coaching throughout the session
  • Depending on the request, I can guide the person to a constellation, be it between different parts of herself, a relationship, a project … for more information see: Family & Systemic Constellations
  • If it is better to leave the mental area, to a space beyond words, and work with our subconscious and unconscious parts, we move towards energy healing. I take the time to explain how it works and make sure the person is comfortable. Once the person is lying on the table, he or she can close his/her eyes and relax.
  • Thanks to my abilities to maintain a good alignment, a clear and expanding energy field, a heightened sensitivity, a deep energy knowledge and a subtle listening, I am available as a channel. This way I’m able to transmit as accurately as possible the energy, the consciousness, the presence and care that my client needs. Often, the person will enter a near dream state, while remaining conscious. At the end, we take a short time to share about this experience. See: Subtle energies