The Subtle Energies

My main work approach comes from Barbara Ann Brennan’s method.


She is the author of two world-famous books: « Hands of light » & « Light Emerging ».  A former astrophysicist working at the NASA, Barbara has become a psychotherapist, healer and teacher. She founded the largest and world-renowned school to form professional healers.  People from all over the world attended the school to learn how to work with the human energy field and go through their own processes of transformation.

I fell in love with Barbara’s work reading her books.

They mix wisdom, magic, personal and spiritual development while keeping a very down-to-earth side. She describes with a scientific precision her work on the field of human energy.

Barbara explains how each of our memories and each of our traumas remain « impregnated » in our energy fields and how this influences our life, our functioning, our body and our health.


When an event causes us an unmanageable emotional response to process for us, our system freezes that into our energy field, waiting for us to have the ability to process it later. This allows us to continue to function normally and survive. For example, as a child, we are often confronted with situations that are overwhelming for our still developing system, understanding, language capacity and resources. These emotions remain recorded and frozen in one place of our field (and our physical body) and cause a disruption of the flow of energy, limiting beliefs about life, unbalanced emotional responses and sometimes physical problems.

This frozen place will remain so until it receives enough energy / consciousness – resources to accommodate these emotions so that they can flow again and free themselves.
This is exactly the role of the therapist in an energetic treatment: to give enough resources and energy / consciousness to melt the frozen place.

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Exercise :

Barbara, in her latest book (Core Light Healing), invites us to do a very simple exercise to better understand:

Remember a painful experience of your childhood. A moment when something painful happened and as a child, you could not do anything about it.

You have it ?

Are you crying?

If you remember,and it is still painful but you are not crying or experiencing the emotions that you had at that moment, it shows (probably) that the emotions of this memory do not circulate freely and are still blocked.

Yet you remember it and this shows that your mental energy is flowing, but that it is not enough to heal this painful memory.


My training, my passion: « The Subtle Energies »

I was wondering how I was going to be able to go to Barbara Brennan’s school in the United States, when I discovered “by chance » the training of Jan Janssen, a former teacher at Barbara Brennan’s school. He had created his own school in Brussels … « The Subtle Energies »

Jan has proven to be a teacher of exceptional quality, accuracy and wisdom such as I have never encountered elsewhere.

Since I have discovered his work (among which more than 5 years of training), I have been every day a little more passionate and in love with this work and the immense possibilities it contains.

Much more than a technique, it is a state of being.

I work with my whole being, with my body, my energy, my consciousness, my alignment, my sensations, every detail of my being.


This training is based on 3 pillars:

-The presence (by meditation, that I have practiced almost every day for 5 years)

-Our own work of inner transformation

-Techniques and practice of energy healing

This requires a deep commitment, in addition to having an irreproachable lifestyle, it is also a commitment to continue our own development at every moment.

I am discovering spaces of consciousness that I could never have imagined before and I see a never ending space of discovery in front of me.

I also discovered Love, unconditional Love, the one we all seek and that heals everything.

With this work, I take every step towards my dream of being a « wise »person.

These people before whom we burst into tears in one look.



For you, receiving an energy healing looks like:

Leaving the words and thoughts, letting yourself be guided to the sensations of your body or the images that pass through you, thanks to the healing hands of the therapist and arriving to a state of deep relaxation.

The energetic treatment allows us to approach with respect, security and infinite softness the deepest aspects of our being in order to soothe our wounds.
Energy healing takes into account all the dimensions of the human being, the physical body, the emotions, the thoughts, our energetic system, our relationships and our way of life, our spiritual dimension.

The healing relaxes, cleanses, restores the circulation of energy, frees our blocked emotions, rebalances, refocuses and realigns us with our axis. It stimulates the body’s own self-healing system and enables us to reach our subconscious and unconscious levels.

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« The therapist does not heal, he « takes care », it is Life that heals. The therapist is only there to put the patient in the best possible conditions for Life to act and for healing to take place. »  Jean-Yves Leloup